Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant
Gokalpuri, East Delhi

A Faecal Sludge Treatment Plant (FSTP) is being built in East Delhi, in partnership with the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC), WaterAid, International Water Management Institute (IWMI - the technology partner) and Gates Foundation. The FSTP is a low cost, decentralized, modular, integrable and scalable system that would improve the collection of sewage from 4000 household septic tanks in low-income settlements, and treat it to ensure none of the sewage flows into water bodies/drains untreated. CURE is working with private desludging operators to bring about a shift from inappropriate dumping to achieving inclusive safe sanitation. The project addresses the entire sanitation value chain from collection, transportation to treatment, safe disposal and reuse. It is also building capacity of local officials for effective sludge management, and provisioning of de-engineered, sanitation services that create an equalizing sanitation experience in other low-income communities of Delhi. Based on an assessment of the efficiency and appropriateness of the system with regard to engineering performance, cost, community acceptance, economic viability and sustainability the model has the potential of replication in other cities and neighborhoods that lack sewerage system.

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