In-situ Slum Upgrading and Redevelopment 


Slum development plans were prepared for two slums of Raipur in partnership with the city, GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft for Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and EAWAG - a Swiss Water Research Institute. The two slum plans were designed to demonstrate the idea of inclusion and equality. For the inner city slum, the proposal included a simplified sewer system networked to the city's trunk infrastructure. For the peri-urban slum, a DEWATS - decentralized - de-engineered system, was suggested to treat fecal matter from home toilets before it is discharged into the local pond. Participatory community processes were used to understand key community priorities and people's solutions. Household surveys helped generate basic data and design for the plan. A Housing Footprint was developed and used to design architectural solutions for incremental housing upgrades. An ecosystem approach was proposed that included creating access to housing microfinance, rental housing to prevent renter displacement and livelihood disruption, in-situ relocation during construction, people managed construction etc. The two DPRs were approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation under RAY.

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