Kalyanpuri Insitu Redevelopment Plan, Delhi

A plan for the in-situ redevelopment of four Kalyanpuri slums clustered together was prepared in partnership with the Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board (DUSIB) under JNNURM's BSUP mission. The Plan was an outcome of a long and negotiated planning process with the community. From as-is-where-is basis, to single level housing, to consensus on multilevel development - the community made a considered choice. Land was measured and household data generated to assess demand. Four options were imagined - incremental housing with minimal displacement with in-house services provided by DUSIB, upgrading with self-investment in housing supported through microfinance, redevelopment in PPP mode, and redevelopment with commercialization to cross-subsidize housing investments by the poor. Of the four, the last was agreed upon in view of DUSIB's financial constraints and the area's inherent economic potential. The Redevelopment Plan included multi-storey housing and a resilient neighbourhood with rainwater harvesting, composting with landscaping, DEWATs to treat grey water and dual piping for reuse of treated sewage water. Space was created at the ground level for economic/occupational activities of people, parking of carts etc. A small amount of money was to be escrowed to pay for operation of lifts and maintenance of common areas. The housing design, developed by DUSIB's architects and engineers, also incorporated community needs. Forty percent land as per city's byelaws was set aside for commercial development - the money from this was to pay for construction. 3000 houses in 7-storey apartment blocks were to be built on 3 of 4 sites. The fourth and part of a fifth settlement was to be freed up and reclaimed as a park by DUSIB.

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