Citywide Slum Upgrading Plan

The Agra City Slum Upgrading Plan was developed in partnership with the Agra Municipal Corporation (ANN) and the District Urban Development Agency with the support of Cities Alliance. The Plan was comprehensive and aimed at making Agra a slum free city. It was based on a geospatial mapping of all 410 slums in the city, land ownership and land use studies, a technical assessment of service gaps, housing footprint studies, and a mapping of community structures and strengths. The Plan used a broad-based community engagement process to identify local development solutions. Using an ecosystem approach, the Plan recommended strategies for inclusion and implementation - land and property titling reforms, proposals for strengthening local institutions, building partnerships for convergent action; etc. An area based strategy was adopted under the Plan. Settlements around River Yamuna had a disaster-resilient strategy, those near the city bus stand were to be developed as reception centres for migrants; etc. The Plan was also linked to a GIS-based spatial information system with slum topographic and city infrastructure maps, to enable engineering designs for sewerage, drainage, water supply, road networking and last mile options. A financial estimate with a proposal for resource generation and a timeline for achieving an inclusive Agra was provided. The data and strategies were later used in the preparation of the Slum Free City Plan of Action (SFCPoA) under the Rajiv Avas Yojana (RAY).

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