Slum Free City Plan of Action

RAY, Ludhiana

A Slum Free City Plan of Action (SFCPoA) was developed for the Municipal Corporation Ludhiana, under the Rajiv Awas Yojana (RAY). The Plan was based on a spatial mapping and assessment of the status of slums in the city, a household socio-economic survey and community/city stakeholder interactions. The three slum development strategies in the Plan include; integrating existing slums within the formal system with a leveling up of basic services and formalization; mapping land availability for new and rental housing development for now and future needs; and addressing the challenge of poorly served, private rental housing - vedhas in the city. The Plan is backed by a slum database that has enabled the city to plan near site relocation of the poorest households in newly built housing. An Investment Requirement and Financing Plan has also been prepared with resource generation options - both from the government and private sector.

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