Localising Sanitation Development Policies and Missions Preparing Ward Sanitation Plans,

Ward Sanitation Plans have been developed for 24 Wards in the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) to localize the City Sanitation Plan (CSP) at an area level to enable city governments to more efficiently plan and optimize use of resources. Aligned to the Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM), the Ward Sanitation Plans address the entire sanitation bandwidth within the functional space of EDMC's solid waste management, public toilets and drainage at the ward level. Socio-spatial data is generated in community mapping processes and crowdsourced from local government functionaries. The Ward Plans recommend comprehensive solutions that address all aspects of sanitation - solid waste, drainage and toilets and the sanitation value chain in each of these related to collection, conveyance, decentralized treatment, resource recovery and disposal. Technical designs are incorporated such as for improved waste collection stations, DEWATS for site specific wastewater treatment solutions, etc. A Behaviour Change Communication strategy is being tested to promote good sanitation practices and behaviour for all ward-stakeholders - formal residents, market associations, sanitary workers and city officials. These Plans are being implemented in partnership with the city and people. Decentralized solid waste management systems have been developed in partnership with local communities in two neighbourhoods in the area Delhi as a demonstration model.

Participatory Block Development Plans have also been prepared in 14 Blocks of Savda Ghevra Resettlement Colony as well.

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