Crosscutting Program and Kuchpura Slum Upgrading


The Cross Cutting Agra Program (CAP) implemented in Agra was designed to do two things to improve sanitation and build sustainable livelihoods linked to the city's tourism economy. Five slums along a trail of lesser-known city monuments in the Trans Yamuna area of Agra were chosen as the site for the project. Kuchpura became the site of a slum upgrading project. A Slum Upgrading Plan was developed using a participatory process. Communities were mobilized and organized to implement the solutions. CURE piloted the first household toilet at Kuchpura, developing the technical design and customizing the toilet to available space. A local business entrepreneur was involved in improving the septic tank design and providing construction know how. A Toilet Savings Group helped women save up to pay for the toilet. Savings were topped with interest-free credit from a Toilet Revolving Fund and a subsidy that included a pan, plumbing and septic tank. A school toilet was also constructed contributing to improved school attendance. Agra Municipal Corporation (ANN) built a community toilet for households without toilets. A DEWATS was built on the storm water drain at Kuchpura's edge, to treat and reuse the wastewater and improve environmental sanitation and health. Roads and a community courtyard were repaved and their drains repaired, to ensure flow of water. Under the State Bhimnagri initiative, water pipelines and all roads were laid in the area completing the upgrading.

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