Sanjha Prayas - Bhagidari


Sanjha Prayas was an initiative under the Bhagidari program of the Government of Delhi. It was about engaging the poor and ensuring inclusive urban governance using Bahgidari's institutionalized platform for citizen engagement. Communities in slums and resettlement areas were mobilised and organized. Interactions were facilitated between service provider agencies to improve access to basic urban services. State-led interventions in slums helped slum dwellers get improved water and sanitation services and metered power. Poor people also used the opportunity to address issues regarding ration cards, education, health services, voter and adhaar cards. CURE facilitated many small interventions across all the settlements including one-time clean ups, repairs of taps, toilets and drains, and ensuring affordable power tariffs. CURE also worked in Savda Ghevra resettlement colony, helping relocated households to reconnect to old jobs, upskilling for new livelihoods/employment, connecting poor to jobs and supporting micro enterprise development using an ecosystems approach.

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