Samvaad 9: Understanding Biodiversity – Yamuna Biodiversity Park

Speaker: Dr. Faiyaz, Mr. Faisal, Mr. Sameer and Mr. Pranjal (our amazing guide for the walk).

Emerging as the capital’s most visited public place and prominent centre for learning and understanding the environment, the Yamuna Biodiverstity Park has become a home for biologically rich wetlands, grassland communities, a wide variety of fruit yielding species and an abundance of medicinal herbs. The park features two major zones – the visitor zone and the nature reserve zone.

The guided walk highlighted the link between man, nature and urbanization. Wetland systems were discussed in detail with possibilities for creating man-made ecosystems to reviving ecologically degraded spaces in urban areas. Functioning of food web was another important learning from the walk. Creating plant communities rather than focusing on mono-cultures while planting was crucial to sustaining micro-ecosystems. The walk also discussed how destruction of wetlands and ecologically sensitive areas in cities can lead to slum like situations and its associated monetary loss.