Samvaad 8: Bheries or Wetlands of East Kolkata

Speaker: Mr. Alok Dasgupta, Team Leader, Technical Cell, CURE

Growing up in East kolkata amidst Bheries, was one of the fond memories that Mr. Alok has. He shared how a set of shallow water channels in Kolkata built by Britishers, transformed in to a complex ecosystem that sustains enormous amount of economic activities for the local population and saves up crores of money every year by treating Kolkata’s waste water/sewage. Many of the contemporary public health engineering science have since developed several pond-based wastewater treatment technologies that may trace their origin to this type of a system.

A short snippet from Mr. Alok Dasgupta’s talk on Bheries or wetlands of east Kolkata: Samvaad 8 Do join us for the next edition of the Samvaad series.