Samvaad 10: Celebrating public spaces of India

Speaker: Mrs. Archana Gupta, Architect and Director, The Foundation of The Indian Cities (TFIC)

As part of Mrs. Archana Gupta’s research at The Foundation of the Indian Cities, ‘Celebrating public spaces of India’ captures and explores the liveliness and the essence of these great public spaces and attempt to understand what makes these spaces great, and timeless. The research explored the concept of the tangible and intangible within cities. The talk essentially capture the element of ‘raunaq’ within each cities and celebrated its public spaces like maidans, ghats, and other cultural sites. Research trailer:
Archana Gupta is an architect from the TVB School of Habitat Studies, New Delhi with a masters degree in Sustainable Design. She is actively involved in academics and has worked on many publications / research projects relating to studies of traditional and vernacular settlements in India. She is a co-founder and Director of the Foundation of The Indian Cities (TFIC).