Samvaad 5: Spatial (in)justices: Evidences from Delhi

Speaker: Mr. Aditya Ajith, Urban Planner, CURE

Social justice focuses on the need for all people within a society to have fair and equal rights to human rights, opportunities and a fair allocation of resources. It is argued in the presentation that social processes have a strong spatial consequence. Injustices in the society in different forms have physical manifestations and can be seen on space. Drawing from writings of Henri Lefebvre, David Harvey, Edward Soja, Mustafa Dikec and Ashok Kumar, the talk explored the physical manifestations of spatial injustices in Delhi. Slums and squatter settlements, forced evictions, creation of socially segregated enclaves, restructuring of cities for mega events, etc. were discussed at length. Parameters to assess spatial injustices like illegality, historicity, social exclusion, misrecognition, entrapment, etc. were also discussed and deliberated.