Samvaad 4: Agra Rainwater Harvesting and Community Processes

Speaker: Mr. Siddharth Pandey, Social Sector Specialist and Program Manager, CURE

The talk revolved around the experience of building rainwater harvesting systems in Agra and challenges faced in the process. Another important element in successful implementation of any community development initiative is building ownership and consensus among community. The talk discovered the process in identifying and negotiating an appropriate place for rain water harvesting. One of the biggest challenges was faced in convincing the community for adopting rain water as an alternative to conventional sources of water in a city. There were also issues regarding property and ownership of space along with who will take initiative in taking the idea forward. Different stakeholders like the mukhiya, maulvi, mandir committee members, women and youth groups from the community were involved in the process. The Agra experience showcased how working with smaller groups and letting them take charge of the process helped in implementation of the rain water harvesting structure at Tedhi Bagia, Ambedkar Bagichi, Bilochpura and Madan Mohan Temple at Tajganj.