Reclaiming Neighbourhood Parks: Savda Ghevra

Savda Ghevra resettlement colony at the northwest fringe of Delhi was set up in 2006 but continues to lack basic urban services, especially sanitation. Over the years, lack of a proper Solid Waste Management system in many blocks led to indiscriminate dumping in neighborhood parks, making the place dirty and people sick. As the parks got dirtier, people began to avoid them and they began to be overtaken by street gangs for anti-social activities. One such neighborhood park was in Block D.

During the street meetings held for the preparation of Block Development Plans, community of Block D prioritized their dirty park as the first issue they wished to address. People gathered to prepare a plan for reclaiming their park supported by CURE.

It was decided to first get rid of the accumulated waste. The local corporation office was approached and on a mutually agreed date, residents and MCD workers came together to clean it off the waste. As an alternate, it was decided to fence a small part of the park to set up composting pits. This would mean people would sill not need to go far to dump bulk of their waste and get manure that they could use for growing plants and vegetables. People built the compost pits with technical support from CURE. CURE also explained the process of segregation and composting to the people. Two women offered to supervise the compost pit. The manure is expected in the next two months. Meanwhile, the group is planning the nursery and kitchen garden alongside and deciding what to grow and discussing landscaping plans.cs1.1 cs1.2 cs1.3