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Agra, Building Water Resilience – Rainwater harvesting and Groundwater Recharging

Project Description

Agra, once a water resilient city with many wells and water bodies, is staring a water crisis. The underground aquifers of Tajganj, its historic core, are drying or have poor quality water from unrestricted drawl of ground water. Many wells and water bodies have been built over and reclaimed for land. Tedi Bagia area is fully dependent on private water tankers with doubtful quality at high financial and health costs. As part of our vision to make Agra water resilient once more, CURE is working with local communities to revitalize their traditional water wisdom to harvest rain water and recharge excess into the ground. The long-term imagination is the revival of the dry water wells and the area’s hydrology. Four community harvesting structures – underground tanks connected to roof tops, have been built to catch every drop and bank it for dry days. People have participated in the planning, design and implementation and have developed a sense of ownership. Next step would be to connect home roofs with the tank and build rainwater harvesting structures at home. These models of rainwater harvesting have become part of the city’s SMART plan.

Project Details

  • Date April 1, 2015
  • Tags Environment
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