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Delhi – Agra, Water Treatment Plants as Business Enterprises

Project Description

Access to potable drinking water reduces water-borne illnesses, improving health and productivity. CURE has set up four water treatment plants as business enterprises. The first, set up in partnership with TERI in Kalandar Colony, Delhi was a community-managed, self-sustinable system, through user charge collections. The second and third plants were set up in Savda Ghevra, Delhi funded by Tata Trusts and SEWA Mahila Housing Trust as profit-making enterprises managed by individuals. They treated groundwater and delivered to homes. In the non-networked Trans Yamuna area of Agra, CURE with the financial support of Fem S3, set up the fourth Plant. This was women operated and managed and aimed at replacing private tanker untreated supplies with safe water. A women’s business group was formalized to run the plant on a business model with doorstep supply. Supply stations were also set up inside settlements where people could come and collect water.

Project Details

  • Date January 1, 2012
  • Tags Livelihoods
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