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Agra, Taj East Drain Improvement Plan

Project Description

The Taj East Drain Improvement Plan (TEDIP) was designed to restore the 4.4 km long drain on the east of the Tajmahal, to its storm water drainage function. This city storm water drain passes through Tajganj and has a catchment area of about 815 hectares. Nearly 6500 households live on either side of the drain, clustered in 19 settlements. TEDIP aims to do four things; intercept the sewage by completing the sewer system in the area, building home toilets and connecting them to the sewer line; reduce waste dumped into the drain by setting up a solid waste collection and disposal service and decentralized composting; build 14 de-engineered wastewater treatment systems with reed beds, cascades, DEWATS, etc. to treat the grey water as it flows down to the river, improving quality of living environment from people living on the drain sides; and reclaim and develop public lands, currently used as waste dumps, for recreation purposes. At the end, a wetland system on the flood plains is proposed to treat the water through natural bio-remediation systems, sunlight and vegetation before recharging into River Yamuna. The Plan has been reviews and sanctioned for development by the National Green Tribunal.

Project Details

  • Date May 1, 2013
  • Tags Environment
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