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Delhi, Networking for Home Toilets

Project Description

Safeda Basti in Geeta Colony Delhi is an inner city slum on public land and without legal land tenure. Residents of Safeda Basti have minimal access to civic services – the community toilet was dysfunctional when CURE began to engage with the communities there. Residents of Safeda Basti wished to have their own toilets, both because it would afford a dignified, safe, convenient and healthy way of living, and in the hope of securing tenure. Because the trunk sewer of DJB passed by the settlement, CURE proposed a simplified sewer line in one street that would drop into the main sewer and enable 80 households to build individual toilets. The community offered to co-finance the system and to pay for their own toilets. A Toilet Committee was formed to collect money and bank it. They also discussed the design and suggested changes and supervised the construction. WaterAid provided the remaining money and Shubham Housing Company under its CSR programme, subsidized home toilets. 55 houses now have toilets at home, significantly improving health and productivity. The Toilet Committee is responsible for managing the O&M and oversees new connections into the manholes. Safeda Basti is a model of networking that is replicable and sustainable.

Project Details

  • Date January 1, 2014
  • Tags Slum Upgrading
  • Project Location

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