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Delhi, Safe Sanitation in Urban Areas

Project Description

CURE implemented a project aimed at providing safe water and sanitation services in East Delhi reaching 25000 people in 5 slums, improvement of 5 Community Toilet Complexes (CTCs) and 5 School toilets. The project implemented by Save the Children and their private sector partner RB Harpic was designed to improve access of households and school children to safe, appropriate and well managed water and sanitation facilities. The overarching goal was to ensure improvement in hygiene practice among poor children and their families by creating awareness of good water-sanitation behavior. Water and sanitation facilities were fixed in partnership with communities to enhance ownership and ensure their involvement in the maintenance of the improved facilities. Government agencies were also involved in the project to improve targeting of investments and increased spending on service delivery. Later in Safeda Bastee, CURE deepened its engagement to build a simplified sewer line networked to the trunk sewer to enable households to build personal toilets.

Project Details

  • Date December 6, 2012
  • Tags Health
  • Project Location

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