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Delhi, Savda Ghevra, Pocket Reconstruction: Maximum Space

Project Description

Poor households in Savda Ghevra are smart builders, using their pocket sized plots of 12.5sq.mts and 18sq.mts effectively. CURE has helped maximize their small spaces with creativity, imagination and structural improvements. Modified designs of storage spaces, doors, cooling and water pumping systems, shelves, flexi furniture, fittings, lofts etc. have served to expand small homes. Rat-trap bond brick walls and roof linters have added to structural safety. The divided door with a metal screen that increases ventilation and lighting with security and the pocket construction model using a disaster-proof rat-trap bond technique was displayed at the Design for the other 90% Cities exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington in January, 2012.

Project Details

  • Date January 9, 2011
  • Tags Housing
  • Project Location

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