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Agra, Water Treatment Plant as Group Business Enterprise

Project Description

Trans Yamuna area of Agra is a water starved area. It lacks both municipal supply (pipelines and tanker services) and its ground water quality is extremely poor. Most people here buy dubious quality water from private water tankers. CURE with the financial support of Fem Sustainable Solution (Fem S3) set up a community operated and managed Water Filtration Plant in the area as a for-profit business. A womens’ group was mobilized to come together in a business partnership to supply potable water to poor households – shifting them to safer water for better health. The plant was set up on an aquifer that was tested for safety. A doorstep delivery service was planned. The capital cost was provided by Fem S3. The women invested savings and borrowing from the Community Credit Fund for all the operational costs, earning an income of about Rs3000 per month.

Project Details

  • Date December 12, 2012
  • Tags Livelihoods
  • Project Location

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