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Agra, Decentralized Waste Water Treatment System (DEWATS)

Project Description

A community-operated, Decentralized Waste Water Treatment System (DEWATS) has been built by CURE over the Kuchpura drain with the support of London Metropolitan University and Water Trust, UK. Passing along the edge of Kuchpura, a peri-urban, low-income settlement of Agra, is a storm water drain. It carries untreated black water from Kuchpura and other upstream settlements, to the Yamuna river. The DEWATS – a natural treatment system using gravity flow and bio-remediation, processes the black water to bring down its BOD levels from 300 to below 30. It’s 5 chambers include – a filter chamber to filter debris, a septic tank for primary treatment, a baffle filter reactor for secondary treatment, a reed bed system for the tertiary process and an underground sump for storage. The DEWATS treats 50 kl of dirty water daily, before discharging into the river. Residents reuse the treated water for house building, non-drinking needs and urban agriculture – nudging a shift from urban sewage-based farming to treated water agriculture. The DEWATS, a first of its kind in Agra and the State, has significantly improved the health of residents besides creating a model for de-engineered development that can be replicated. It has been the basis for the development of the Taj East Drain Improvement Plan for wastewater treatment.

Project Details

  • Date November 13, 2011
  • Tags Environment
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