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Agra, Water Resilience Plan

Project Description

Agra was once abundant of water. It had the River Yamuna which was the axis along which the city grew. Several wells, tanks, pokhars and baolis were built to that ensure there is ample water for its people and their various living and livelihood needs, and ensured that the river was never overburdened and continued to flow.

Deterioration of Agra’s Water Ecology began during British Raj, when sweeping socio economic and political changes resulted in a huge influx of migrant population. Poor planning, change of land use from residential to industrial along the riverfront and inadequate infrastructure; caused the shift in the nature of supply and management of the resource. Community ownership of the river and its resources was lost; and so was the traditional wisdom and knowledge on water resource management.

With the launch of Mukhaymantri Jal Bachao Abhiyaan, CURE is helping ‘Agra Nagar Nigam’ to transform Agra into the water resilient city, that it once was. It is revitalizing its traditional hydrological wisdom and infrastructure and the natural ecological systems in partnership with people and key stakeholders. Specifically, it will promote water conservation, rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge and treatment and reuse of wastewater.

It is working on three rain water harvesting structures with a collective holding capacity of 2.5 lac litres of rainwater at three community sites in ‘Tajganj‘.

Project Details

  • Client Agra Nagar Nigam
  • Date July 15, 2016
  • Tags Water, Community Processes

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