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Agra, Slum Upgrading and Area Development Project Reports

Project Description

Three Detailed Project Reports (DPRs) were prepared by CURE to unlock State resources for inclusive slum development. The DPRs were developed by CURE with the financial support of Cities Alliance as part of the preparation of the Slum Free City Plan for Agra. Nearly Rs 70 Crore for the development of 19 settlements and 4000 households in Tajganj was leveraged under three different government programmes; the Rajiv Avas Yojana, the Taj Trapezium Zone Fund, and the Clean India Plan of the Tourism Ministry. The first two DPRs have helped build sewerage, roads, water supply systems and other infrastructure in the area, upgrade and build new houses for the poorest, build home toilets for all with last-mile connection to the sewer, and support livelihoods of the poor by developing the Taj Culture Walk. The Taj East Drain Improvement Plan (TEDIP) under the Clean India programme was designed to reclaim public spaces and restore the storm water drain to its original function, by intercepting sewage and solid waste from homes and treating the waste water with reengineered and decentralized, bio remedial and reed bed technologies.

Project Details

  • Date June 1, 2011
  • Tags Slum Upgrading
  • Project Location

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