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Delhi Savda Ghevra, Sanjha Prayas Aajeevika Program

Project Description

CURE’s sustainable livelihood initiative in Savda Ghevra is designed to support relocated slum families to resettle with decent incomes using a comprehensive framework of micro-enterprise development with market linkages, business management skills and credit; employment skilling and placements and venture capital for micro start ups that will ensure employment to the poorest. In its second phase the project has expanded to also focus on access to taps and toilets. Micro Development Plans have been developed for 3 blocks and people have collected to clean their neighborhoods. Micro-enterprises have been both service based – doorstep waste collection, composting and water treatment plant, screen printing; and manufacturing oriented – making bags, spices, paper plates, candles, etc. Two start ups – hospital garment sewing and water supply business have been supported with venture capital. A Livelihood Revolving Fund (LRF) managed by the community provides credit for businesses and housing upgrades. CURE has also built a Cluster Septic Tank (CST) connected to a simplified sewer line and a DEWATS, that has enabled 120 houses to add toilets to their homes without risk of contaminating ground water or make houses unsafe. A CST committee collects a monthly charge for its long-term O&M.

Project Details

  • Date September 30, 2008
  • Tags Livelihoods
  • Project Location

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