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Equity Cell

The Technical Cell (henceforth referred to as the Equity Cell) was set up to provide technical feedback and support to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUDD), Government of Odisha on all interventions related to urban poverty alleviation. The aim of the support is to improve the effectiveness of various Missions of the Government focusing on sustainable urban poverty reduction, access to water-sanitation-housing services, slum improvement and livelihood opportunities.


Jaaga Mission

The Government of Odisha recently enacted a landmark legislation, The Odisha Land Rights to Slum Dwellers Act, 2017 aimed at empowering slum dwellers in the state with security of land tenure and accessibility to a liveable habitat. It aims to assign land rights to eligible slum dwellers for redevelopment, rehabilitation and up-gradation of slums in the Notified Area Councils (NAC) and Municipalities. The Odisha Land Rights to Slum Dwellers Act is a landmark legislation, the first such Act being implemented in the country. The project aims to develop a pioneering example of a welfare act aiming to empower the BoP at this significant scale. The Odisha Liveable Habitat Mission (OLHM) , also called JAAGA is a mission that builds upon the gains of this land mark decision and convert slums into vibrant living spaces that are integrated into the city and have parity with the living conditions in other parts. JAAGA is a mission that will work in coordination with NULM, NUHM to bring in the element of improvement of physical habitats in slum settlements. The OLHM has five components a) land rights b) housing c) basic services d) social infrastructure and e) enhancement of economic infrastructure

Equity Cell
Odisha Land Rights Act and Jaaga Mission - Advisory Committee
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