Partnering with the Government

CAP has actively worked hand in hand with the
local authorities; the Agra Nagar Nigam. Apart
from being located within the Nagar Nigam
premises there by participating in the Nagar
Nigam activities as a bridging agency CAP has
been active in the following:
With the support of USAID’s GMED (Global
Micro Enterprise Development) programme,
150 sanitary staff was provided a two day
training in waste management techniques
through presentations, short movie clips and
discussions on other city experiences
An experience exchange visit was arranged
from 15-17 December 2005 for selected
project partners from Agra to the city of
Ahmedabad. The team comprised
Commissioner ANN, SE-ANN, Civil society
members, Coordinator Sanitation Monitoring
Committee, Agra, local NGOs, field
supervisors, facilitators to see e governance,
SWM and property tax and accounting
projects/systems, SEWA Banking initiatives,
Old City Heritage Walk, Riverfront
Development Project, Slum and RWAs waste
management system, Solid waste
management system of Ahmedabad Municipal
Corporation and land fill site managed by
private sector.
Development of a community based
information that can help service provision in
the CAP communities
Awareness on 0 waste zone within the Nagar
Nigam complex