Accessing Land for Affordable Housing

A Study of Raipur and Tirupathi

Making Indian Cities Slum Free: Issues in Accessing Land for Supply for Affordable Housing, GIZ, 2011 Land is a key challenge in making cities slum free. This study was aimed at identifying key issues in accessing land for in-situ slum-upgrading and creation of affordable housing supply both by State and the private developers. Raipur and Tirupati cities were used as case examples to explore the logic of slum formation and the legal and institutional barriers in creating decent, adequate, affordable and ecologically sustainable housing for the poor with land/property rights. The issue of land was examined from both a demand and supply perspective by reviewing land policies, land management information systems, and protocols and procedures of other service providers – state and private, that influence land titling/supply and access to legitimate basic service at home. The study also explored the idea of incremental housing built by the poor over time through a process of inclusive planning. lets add findings

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