Cleaning Low Income Settlements

 A Business model for Decentralized Waste Collection and Management

A business model for decentralized door-to-door waste collection and composting has been successfully demonstrated in three different project initiatives in Delhi. The first of these was successfully implemented in the Savda Ghevra resettlement site where a group of 4 waste collectors were organized into a business entity, building a self-sustaining model of waste collection. Nearly 1200 households participated in a paid, door-to-door waste collection service provided by the enterprise. The segregated waste together with green waste from the local weekly market, was composted in the corner of the local park, and marketed under a brand name. This added to the income of the enterprise group. Additionally, the group grew organic vegetables for improving the nutrient content of their food.

The project was replicated in partnership with the East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) in Preet Vihar where the RWAs and a group of street vendors began waste segregation that was then composted, reducing waste transported to landfill site. The project has been expanded to reach another 2000 households in Trilokpuri in partnership with the private sector.

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