An Ecosystems Approach to Slum Development - Leveraging and Converging Government Resources, Agra

An Area Based Approach to slum development and poverty reduction was used to help Agra unlock nearly Rs 70 crore for the development of 19 settlements with 4000 households in the core city area of Agra - the Tajganj. Three different government programmes were identified to raise resources for the comprehensive development of the area - Rajiv Avas Yojana (RAY), Taj Trapezium Zone (TTZ) Fund, and Tourism Ministry's Clean India Programme. While TTZ funding was used for the provisioning of sewer lines, roads, water supply and other infrastructure, RAY resources were used for housing upgrades/construction, home toilets and last-mile connections to sewers and promoting livelihoods. The Taj Mumtazabad Walk was developed to showcase Agra's Mughal culture to tourists and to boost the area's economy. The Taj East Drain Improvement Plan (TEDIP) was developed under the Clean India programme to restore the drain that flows through Tajganj and reclaim public spaces by intercepting sewage and solid waste from homes and treating the wastewater using decentralized, bio remedial and reed bed technologies.

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