Rebuilding Livelihoods after Resettlement

 Sanjha Prayas Aajeevika and Work-Space Programme, Delhi

CURE's sustainable livelihood initiative in Savda Ghevra was designed to support relocated slum families to resettle and rebuild livelihoods with decent incomes post resettlement. Using a comprehensive livelihoods framework, women were organized and helped to set up micro-enterprises with production, business and financial management skills, market linkages and access to credit. Service-based micro-enterprises such as doorstep waste collection, composting, water treatment plant etc. were also supported. Young people were up-skilled for new/urban and aspirational employment with placements. Venture capital was provided to micro start ups, that also ensured employment to the poores such as hospital garment sewing and water supply business. CURE set up a new financial model - the Livelihood Revolving Fund (LRF). Capitalized from the project, it provides rolling and interest free credit for businesses and housing upgrades. The LRF is managed by a community committee with representatives from all micro enterprises making the Fund both transparent and accountable. In the second phase, the project broadened its approach to include access to taps and toilets for better health and productivity enhancement. A Water Treatment Plant was set up as a business enterprise to ensure easy access and water security. CURE also built a Cluster Septic Tank (CST), connected to simplified sewer lines, to enable households to add toilets to their homes. The CST is managed by a Community Committee, through people's contributions.

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