Cluster Septic Tank and Simplified Sewer System, Savda Ghevra


Nine thousand slum families resettled in Savda Ghevra, Delhi, experienced challenged by the lack of water and sewer infrastructure in their area. Personal toilets with hollow pits instead of septic tanks, below kerchief-sized plots built by people, have high and recurring cleaning costs, besides causing groundwater underneath to be polluted. CURE has built a shared closed-loop, sanitation system a cluster septic tank (CST) that is networked to home toilets through simple sewer lines, is upended to a decentralised wastewater treatment system to convert black water into a useful resource for irrigating, flushing, construction etc. The idea was affiliative. People participated in the decision making, the design, the construction and the maintenance action. A maintenance fund is capitalized from monthly household contributions of those connected to the system and is managed by a Block Operation and Maintenance Committee, an aggregation of street leaders. The CST is designed for 322 households, 110 are built and plugged into the sewer system.

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