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(INCLUDe) INCLUDe is a network and platform formed with the purpose of promoting strong advocacy in favor of slums and low-income settlements and for nurturing the next generation of NGOs. INCLUDE represents Indian NGOs that are deeply committed to participatory development with the aim of to build local capacities of communities, cities and organizations to work together and create a more inclusive framework that leverages state resources and programs. Its network includes SPARC, MHT, Shelter Associates, South Asia HomeNet, Habitat for Humanity, India, YUVA and CURE. CURE is also its Secretariat. Mentor partners include research institutions and Think Tanks such as NIUA, HSMI, UN Habitat, UNDP, The World Bank, USAID and GIZ.

INCLUDe is being developed using a modular/incremental approach. It aims to pilot the approach before scaling up the network. Its sustenance strategy to achieve its vision comprises; writing proposals to access resources to further its vision, training of younger NGOs and incorporating participatory ideas within existing programs of cities and partners. INCLUDe undertook a two-step training with field practice and mentoring, of younger NGOs working in small towns supported by the National Foundation of India in Odisha. It is also implementing a Cities Alliance funded project Building Capacity of Cities to Develop Inclusive Habitats: Sharing Urban Innovations with Cities.The project is designed to do two things; enable INCLUDe to establish itself as a network and undertaking a series of activities aimed at promoting the goal of participatory urban development; and create required urban capacity and influence policy at city, state and national level.

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