CURE | Our Approach

Our Approach

We believe that Community participation brings people and local governments together to discuss problems, explore options and choose best-fit solutions for their areas development. It rests on the belief that people, including the poor, have ground level wisdom, can self-organize as networks, overcome personal differences, and collaborate in reshaping their environments.

Participatory processes enable people to identify and prioritize their concerns, make choices and agree on solutions, prepare development plans and strategies for implementation, contribute resources and share in the maintenance of facilities. CURE uses participatory tools like resource mapping, chapati (venn diagrams), problem tree, matrix , etc. to generate real information from people and create infrastructure that is sustainable.
The processes of community engagement produce social change by creating solidarity, commitment, mutuality and trust. It builds place attachment, by getting communities involved and taking pride, in the improvement of their own neighbourhoods. By nurturing a sense of belonging and positive social interactions and institutions, community processes create equal-ness in an unequal society and make people capable and resilient.