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Centre for Urban and Regional Excellence (CURE) is a not-for-profit development organization working with urban informal and low-income communities to un-think, reimagine, innovate and de-engineer solutions to include and integrate people in the processes of city development.

Our mission is to achieve three goals; reconnected urban societies that take rightful decisions to ensure sustainable urban development; strengthened local agencies with capacities for participatory community development; and real evidence built from the ground up for effective service delivery.

CURE’s strength is in its communitarian approach. We believe that community participation is a powerful organizing ideal that fosters sustainable development in and of communities and can contribute to local development planning and design. We facilitate processes that enable people to come together, recognize their problems, articulate their needs and concerns, formulate shared goals and take collective decisions. We believe in a community’s wisdom.

CURE’ work focuses on building resilient communities and cities. It helps cities with the preparation of citywide slum upgrading and environmental resilience plans. The plans are designed to do three things; level people up – ensure equality; connect all the dots – ensure comprehensive and sustainable ecological solutions; and integrate people within the city’s fabric – ensure inclusive development.

CURE believes all people are equal and must get access to an equal level of services – taps and toilets at home to live a life with dignity and to sustainably reduce poverty. CURE has set up several integrative models of sustainable urban development where the poor have been enabled to build home toilets and houses, connect to potable drinking water, get access to solid waste management services, harvest rain water and be water resilient and improve their living environments.

Slum upgrading: Housing & Resettlement
Waste water disposal & treatment systems
Water supply
Solid waste management
Environmental Improvement
Heritage and Tourism
Planning, Implementation & Monitoring
Policy Research


We have worked in Agra, Delhi, Noida, Ludhiana, Raipur, Gangtok, Bhubaneswar and Tirupathi. We have also worked internationally in Bhutan and Ethiopia contributing to their urban development and community participation strategies. Click here to view CURE’s Capability Statement

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